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Our Purpose

At Norlab AI, we're pioneering the future by incubating businesses that leverage Artificial Intelligence, and Large Language Models, in particular, to revolutionize key sectors of society - healthcare, education, and business processes.

Our mission is to drive innovation and reduce inefficiencies, by creating world-class AI-powered products and services.

Norlab was founded in 2023 by a group of experienced tech professionals and business leaders, with a shared passion for Machine Learning and business development.

Our Team

Roger profile

Roger Larsen

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Serial Entrepreneur with 25 years of experience as Business Leader.


Roger has co-founded and developed 4 product companies, most notably the Fronter digital learning platform deployed to 10-thousand schools, and the WeVideo cloud editing solution in use by 50 million editors across schools and businesses. Roger has also founded 2 Norwegian Internet consultancy companies, served on numerous early-stage company boards, and served as digital strategy director for Pearson UK. Roger's education is Computer Science from Østfold University College in Norway.


Jostein Svendsen

Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder

Digital Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Strategic Leadership, Digital Transformation


Jostein Svendsen, studied Computer Science/Digital Media at Østfold University College in Norway, launching two leading digital consultancy firms in Scandinavia which both went public in Stockholm. He founded early Fintech Sharepeople in the UK in 1998, one of the world's first multinational online stockbrokers. He helped Bankia Bank's launch in Norway in 2001, one of Europe's first successful digital challenger banks. In Silicon Valley, he co-founded WeVideo in 2011, now a globally leading video editing platform with 50 million users. Returning to London in 2015, his Fintech venture Jaja Finance quickly took a position as a leading mobile first digital lender in the UK, and he was instrumental in securing more than £500 million in funding to acquire the Bank of Irelands UK credit card business.

With a diverse digital entrepreneurship and strategic leadership portfolio, Jostein consistently drives forward digital transformation and innovation agendas across a myriad of industries. He has been at the forefront of the use of AI in several of his companies.


Vegar Andreas Bergum

Head of AI/ML & Co-Founder

Machine Learning Engineer & Data Scientist


Vegar is an experienced ML engineer with a Master's degree in Data Science from the University of Southampton and a BSc in Informatics & Computer Science from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Vegar's specialization is in natural language processing (NLP) and he has worked with Transformer models (GPTs) since 2018, leading to the publishing a state-of-the-art neural question generation model in 2019. Vegar has a proven track record of building scalable ML systems, most recently in the EdTech space, developing data & AI strategies for private and public organizations, and creating award-winning autonomous robotics solutions.

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