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In business, we've got the answer

NorBusiness offers AI-powered solutions and services tailored specifically to you and your business' needs in order to optimize and automate business processes for increased efficiency.

Our services

Our mission is to drive innovation and reduce inefficiencies, the following explains more about what we offer.


Codify Unstructured Text

Analyze content in documments to populate a database of metadata and fields of key content components.


Record Filling Assistant

Automatically extract structured data from voice or text to populate record or ticket management systems.


Quality Assurance and Compliance

Ensure compliance with laws, regulations, protocols and guidelines by automatically auditing the form and contents of a case management process.


Tender Assessment and Writing

Automatically assess relevance of a tender and populate a draft answer based on previous responses.


Automatic Visual Captioning

Automatically extract tacit data from a video or image to make it structured and available as language.


Authorship Authentication

Judge authenticity of the author of a text based on the authors writing style witin authentic historical texts.


Q&A Pair Generator

Generate questions and/or answers based on a knowledge base.


Personal Tutor

Emulate an instructor for question answering, exemplification and elaborations on a specific curriculum.

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